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William Frederick McCoy (1877 – December 30, 1948), also known as "Bill" McCoy, was an American sea captain and rum-runner during the Prohibition in the ...


Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy is a character in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek .... Shatner and Leonard Nimoy manifested itself in their performances as McCoy, Captain James T. Kirk and science officer Spock, respectively.


The pioneer rum runner of the Prohibition era, Bill McCoy was the first to fill a boat with alcohol and sail up the Atlantic to legally sell it while...


By 1923, Bill McCoy had a reputation as a gentleman crook who never ... after her drunk captain had bragged to an undercover agent about selling liquor.


G. P. Bridges, a grandson of Capt. McCoy, who lives at Ozark, Missouri, said he had heard his aunt Martha tell how she and her mother and the other children ...


As a non-drinker, McCoy disagreed with prohibition and rationalized his new career ... double his profits, he hired another captain to sail the Henry L. Marshall.


Died at Bull Creek, Christian Co., MO. *Co. F, AR Inf; Civil War at Fayetteville, AR; Battle of Wilson Creek. He saw service in 2 wars and was instrumental in the ...


Jul 26, 2016 ... Capt. Monty McCoy, 650th Regional Support Group force protection officer, lead a squad of 650th RSG military police to the Fort Irwin National ...


Search Letter from John McCoy, Captain of the Augusta Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War from Staunton, Augusta Co. Virginia to Thomas Jefferson, 1781.