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The islands of Cape Verde were uninhabited when discovered and claimed by Portugal in ... 29 October 1497 to 3 January 1505, Rodrigo Afonso, Captain. 3 January 1505 .... 6 February 1818 to 1822, António Pusich, Governor. 9 May 1822 to ...


Sep 28, 2014 ... On March 18th, 1801, António Pusich was appointed quartermaster of Cape Verde Navy and Frigate Captain. António Pusich will later be ...


Dec 25, 2016 ... Hoover, often the team's leading scorer, and Arehart, a team captain, will be ... Sophomore Kaitlyn Pusich already has varsity experience as a ...


trant lanc;ados or deliver them to the captains of royal vessels. The royal ...... Following a decade of residence in Cabo Verde, Pusich served in Brazil where his ...


Nov 15, 2012 ... ... miss Caitlin Pusich (among others) as they have showed great skills at ... Harvard, where she was captain of the cross-country running team.


Plunk, Karen S.; Powers, Penny S.; Pugh, Kristen; Pusich, Shannon M. Q. Quam, Dana ...... recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross was Captain. Charles A.


Captain Lloyd H. “Kinky” Bayers Collection, 1898-1967. MS 10 ...... AII-AlaBka- High~--Capt. ...... Mickey Pusich refused to seel any more whisky to.


Aug 26, 2017 ... Harry, Peanuts and Max (Toni Pusich) ... Toni Pusich, Palm Desert .... could be faintly heard through my mask when I radioed to my captain.


Career Goal: Engine Captain. Position: Recreation Ranger ..... Career Goal: Hot Shot Crew Captain. Position: Crew Member ..... Jamie Pusich. Jared Juarez.