In the United States uniformed services, captain is a commissioned-officer rank. In keeping with the traditions of the militaries of most nations, the rank varies ...


How to abbreviate captain. Find the common abbreviations of captain and other English words at Writing Explained. The most common way to abbreviate captain.


Ever since I've been on RP, I've noticed different abbreviations for Captain. Are both abbreviations proper, or is there just one abbreviation?


Capt. definition, captain. See more. ... British Dictionary definitions for capt. Capt. abbreviation for. Captain. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged ...


this so called "Captain" also has to fly away in the end of his/her post ... Get a Captain mug for your brother James. 2. Captain ... Short for Captain Morgan's Rum.


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6 ways to abbreviate CAPTAIN updated 2019. How to abbreviate CAPTAIN? The most popular abbreviation for CAPTAIN is: CPT.


Captain was a commissioned officer rank, the equivalent of which was used by the ... As an infantry rank, captains... ... "That's the short definition of Captain.".


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