Wendy Carlos (born Walter Carlos; November 14, 1939) is an American musician and composer best known for her electronic music and film scores. Born and ...


Raymond Leslie Williams specializes in modern Latin American literature, with a more ... government can bestow upon a foreign citizen, the Order of San Carlos.


PERSONAL: Raymond Leslie Williams. Born: March 9, 1950, ... 1995: Order of San Carlos, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Colombia. 1995: Fulbright Lecturer ...


WILLIAMS, CULTURA E IDEOLOGIA Carlos Orellana O presente artigo vai abordar os principais conceitos (cultura e ideologia) na obra de Raymond Williams.


In this book, Raymond Leslie Williams traces the themes of history, culture, and identity in Fuentes' work, particularly in his complex, major novel Terra Nostra.


Europe influenced first-generation writers, Raymond Williams makes a similar point. ... neo-Freudian essentializing of Williams's alter egos, Bill and Carlos, ...


In a striking passage in his Autobiography, William Carlos Williams .... Like a later cultural critic, Raymond Williams, the poet suggests here that the pas toral has ...


M. L. Rosenthal brought out The William Carlos Williams Reader (New York, .... work (the Minimalists, led by Raymond Carver, owe a great deal to Williams).


Palabras clave: Raymond Williams, Estructuras de sentimiento, formas fijas, ..... sobre cultura y sociedad", Punto de Vista 6 (1979): 9-18; Altamirano, Carlos.