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Jun 22, 2018 ... Wireless carriers produced CSLI for petitioner Timothy Carpenter's phone, and the ..... know, after all, that the numbers are used by the telephone company “for a .... Brief for Electronic Frontier Foundation et al. as. Amici Curiae ...


Holding: The government's acquisition of Timothy Carpenter's cell-site records from his wireless ... Oct 28 2016, Brief amici curiae of Electronic Frontier Foundation, et al. filed. ... Aug 14 2017, Brief amicus curiae of Restore the Fourth, Inc. filed.


Jun 22, 2018 ... Chief Justice Roberts announces opinion in Carpenter v. ... understood, the Fourth Amendment would not have applied at all to the methods ...


Nov 29, 2017 ... A jury convicted Carpenter on all of the Hobbs Act counts, and all but one ... Distinguishing Carpenter's records from the information at issue in United States v. .... little choice but to use the services of their phone company and bank. .... See Brief for the States of Alabama et al., in Support of Respondent at 9.


Jun 22, 2018 ... For one suspect, Timothy Carpenter, the records revealed 12898 separate points of location data—an ... Carpenter v. ... State of Alabama et al.