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There are many ways that you can remove carpet stains, but it is to your advantage to be educated and armed with some tried and true techniques and methods ...

Aug 2, 2014 ... Anduin Havens demonstrates the products you'll need to remove almost any carpet stain—no matter how stubborn. Brought to you by Martha ...


Vinegar is the superhero of stain removal (and cleaning in general!). Try these different formulas for homemade carpet cleaners to remove a variety of common  ...


See easy carpet-stain solutions for recipes for all solutions below. ... because white vinegar removes residual detergent, which will attract dirt if left in the carpet .


Get stains out with ingredients you probably already have around the house. ... By Jennifer Brite of ThisOldHouse.com. carpet stain removal tips. Photo by ...


These stain-busters are made of products you proba. ... oil solvent. Or substitute nail-polish remover, such as Cutex Quick & Gentle non-acetone polish remover.


Learn how to clean carpet stains with our easy steps. You'll become a carpet stain removing pro with these smart tips and our DIY carpet stain remover recipe.


Mar 23, 2013 ... We already know that vinegar is a great weapon for fighting carpet stains, but adding a little baking soda can take it to another level.


Jun 29, 2014 ... Does an at-home mixture of dish washing liquid, vinegar, baking soda and water get rid of carpet stains?