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Use the Merrick food calculator to determine the optimal amount of food for any age and lifestyle for your dog or cat.


As animal advocates, we take on the challenge of educating and coaching our pet-owner community about nutrition and best practices in feeding. We would ...


Made with the highest quality, food-based nutrients and human-edible proteins, Primal Raw Formulas are a nutritionally superior, cost-effective choice over dry ...


I developed this "calculator" because I became frustrated that pet foods don't list the carbohydrates in their "Guaranteed Analysis", and diabetic cats are very ...


It's actually a very important question and it doesn't matter which of the cat food brands you feed your cat. The answer is not as simple as you may think.


Our calculator takes the higher math out of this task. You can plug in a few ... Obtain the number of kcalories (kcals) per cup for the specific dog or cat food.


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Our feeding guide makes it easy to know how much to feed your pet – especially if you like to feed a variety of proteins or if you like to add or mix in raw or wet.


Use this convenient online calculator to determine the carbohydrate content and calorie content for a particular cat food.