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The hierarchy of the Catholic Church consists of its bishops, priests, and deacons . In the ecclesiological sense of the term, "hierarchy" strictly means the "holy ...


The Catholic clergy is organized in a strict, sometimes overlapping hierarchy: Featured Videos. Pope: Head of the church, he is based at the Vatican. The pope  ...


Dec 5, 2017 ... Roman Catholic Church hierarchy is a group of people exercising the authority of Roman Catholic Church. It is distributed among the bishops, ...


This word has been used to denote the totality of ruling powers in the Church, ever since the time of the Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagita (sixth century), who ...


The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Current and historical information about its bishops and dioceses. To look at information for a specific country (such as the ...


Jan 15, 2017 ... In the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Pope is at the top, cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons and then laity at the bottom. Deacons, priests ...


Church Hierarchy. When he established His Church, Jesus placed the Apostles in charge of caring for the faithful, of teaching them the faith and caring for their ...


The pope is not the only leader in the Catholic Church. ... The government of the Catholic Church, called the hierarchy, is more like a monarchy than a ...


Hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church - There is a certain hierarchy to the Catholic Church that starts with the Pope. Learn about this hierarchy here.