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Causes[edit] ... Epilepsy can have both genetic and acquired causes, with interaction of ... In about 60% of cases the cause is unknown.


Mar 19, 2014 ... Some people with no clear cause of epilepsy may have a genetic cause. But what's true for every age is that the cause is unknown for about ...


Nov 1, 2017 ... Learn about epilepsy symptoms, possible causes of epilepsy and how epilepsy is treated, including surgical treatment options.


Apr 23, 2017 ... WebMD explains the causes of epilepsy and what can trigger seizures. Also, find out about the connection between epilepsy and head injuries, ...


Jan 9, 2017 ... Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures. Find out what causes it, who's at risk, how it's diagnosed, and more.


Epilepsy has many possible causes. Causes can be put into three main groups: symptomatic, idiopathic and cryptogenic.


Oct 18, 2017 ... People with epilepsy experience recurrent seizures, because a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain causes a temporary disturbance ...


There are many causes of epilepsy. Learn how epilepsy can be passed down through genes or acquired other ways.


Epilepsy is a disorder with many possible causes. Anything that disturbs the normal pattern of neuron activity -- from ...