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Learn about Rotator Cuff Disorders. Includes overview, cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, exams and tests, prevention, and medications.


Feb 26, 2016 ... Arm pain: Symptom — Overview covers definition, possible causes of this symptom.


A rotator cuff disorder causes pain and weakness in your shoulder. It may be uncomfortable or impossible to do everyday activities, such as combing your hair,  ...


The pain is usually felt at the tip of the shoulder and down the upper arm. ... Symptoms of shoulder tendonitis and bursitis, such as pain, swelling, stiffness, and ...


Learn more about upper arm pain, including the common causes, symptoms, treatment, and suggestions for prevention from Medi-Dyne: 817.251.8660.


Feb 29, 2016 ... When something goes wrong with your shoulder, it hampers your ability to move freely and can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.


May 31, 2016 ... Arm pain is defined as discomfort or pain experienced anywhere throughout the arm, and it can include pain in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.


This article explains some of the common causes of shoulder pain, as well as some ... Your shoulder is made up of three bones: your upper arm bone ( humerus), ...


However, other causes of upper arm muscle pain, such as shoulder injuries, nerve compression or medical conditions including cancer, stroke or heart attack,  ...