The compendiums of Chi-tsang, Hui-yuan and Chih-i, although generally reliable ... THE first edition of The Book of Chao, or Chao-lun, came out just a few days ...


quiring, Appreciating" ("Lun chien-shih shou-ts'ang kou-ch'iu ... chih Wt and Lu T' an-wei 1@g), while the lesser ones are com- ... play, for "the accumulation of things invites jealousy" (chi-wu chao- ... in the late Ming in his original and informative study, Superfluous Things: Ma- ...... Shan Chin-heng V$gjI (Che- chiang: Che-.


Chiang Chao-shen speculates in his "Nien-p'u" that the remark was calculated .... 25-29. Composite scroll, Yuii Chun-chih, "Lun Wen Cheng-ming san-chueh", Mei -shu .... he was living from hand to mouth in daily hope of the arrival of official ..... Rather the Ma-Hsia masters were tried and found irrelevant to Wen's purposes.


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Dec 3, 2012 ... The use of both linear and generalized linear mixed‐effects models (LMMs and GLMMs) has become popular not only in social and medical ...


May 7, 2016 ... While shape-changing interfaces can dynamically alter the physical appearance of .... Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds, A. K. Peters, Ltd., Natick, MA, 2005. 9 .... Jonas Togler , Fabian Hemmert , Reto Wettach, Living interfaces: the thrifty ...... Effects of Transparency on Trust in an Algorithmic Interface.


ming Chao, Chih-chiang Hu, Jakub Zamorski, Jenyou, Tsai-‌jung Lin, ...... the idea that living beings already carry within themselves a full-fledged. Buddha ..... tshad ma daṅ | yid ches pa'i luṅ gi tshad mas mtshan ñid lṅa po dag gis yoṅs su dag pa yin no || ...... pramāṇa by xin (信), which literally means “trust”, “warrant”, and.


Mar 24, 2014 ... global commodity chain turned Taiwan's role from jewelry ..... I also owe much to my colleague Chih-I Lai for her intellectual inspiration ... crystal was not used by our ancestors or senior fengshui masters. ...... Dai and Chao-Xu Lin like all kinds of crystals, but Xiao Yang only focuses on green-phantom.