The compendiums of Chi-tsang, Hui-yuan and Chih-i, although generally reliable ... THE first edition of The Book of Chao, or Chao-lun, came out just a few days ...


Working and living with Chinese peasants. CR 16, no. 2 (Feb. .... tion of the Chinese fang-chih. Hong Kong, ..... LINEBARGER, PAUL M. A. The universality of ... editions of the Lun-heng. AO 34 .... guided culture change in China in the sixteenth century. ...... MEISNER, MAURICE J. Li Ta-chao and the ...... Resolutely trust and.


A.D.), Seng-chao (373-414 A.D.), and Kumarajiva (343-413 or 350-409. A.D.); the ... up to the Six Dynasties period and Ku K'ai-chih to consider whether a change in the conception of the functions of landscape art did occur at ... source of corruption of human beings' essentially benevolent and trust- ...... the Ta chih-tu lun.


See, for example, Paul M.A. Linebarger, The Political Doctrines ofSun ..... in Chiang's collected speeches—Chiang tsung-t'ung szu-hsiang yen-lun chi ..... Chao Yen, "Min-tsu chiao-yti chih pi-jan-hsing" [The necessity for a national education], ...... them as "living Buddhas," and would come to "love and trust the Kuomintang.


Chiang is one of the most important figures in China's modern history. ... you may refer to a paper in our Bulletin: Ma Wen-ying, "The German Military Advisers Corps .... About the details of the latter, you may refer to our research finding: Chao .... of the Emperor T'ung Chih's Posthumous Edict Naming Tsai Shu As Emperor".


the changing lines of the hexagrams from broken to unbroken and vice versa and /or the change ...... the trust and confidence of the educated Chinese whose expertise was ...... Wright, The Last Stand of Chinese Conservatism: The T'ung- chih ...... ("Essay on Emperor Wu of the Han"), and "Ban Chao lun" 班超論 ("Essay on.


I deeply appreciate his trust and love. ...... 4 Survey on Living Conditions of Citizens in Taiwan-Fuchien Area for the ..... Fon and Chiang (1999) revisited the five tone values based on Chao's scale ..... Table 2.14; on the other hand, the question particle /ma/ acquired a high ...... Liao, Chao-chih & Lii-Shih, Yu-hwei E ( 1993).


Mar 24, 2014 ... global commodity chain turned Taiwan's role from jewelry ..... I also owe much to my colleague Chih-I Lai for her intellectual inspiration ... crystal was not used by our ancestors or senior fengshui masters. ...... Dai and Chao-Xu Lin like all kinds of crystals, but Xiao Yang only focuses on green-phantom.


The year our little Miss Chao entered the palace was a memorable one in the history of China. ... Yin-ma was about the age of the Empress Dowager, but, unlike Her Majesty, her ..... both in character and in physique, until with the death of her son, Tung Chih, ...... The changing of the Chinese style of dress to that of the West.