refusing to consider answers to interrogatories not made a part of the record to determine if there was an issue of material fact.

Chapman is now an equity partner at a large law firm, and Hiibner is a patent .... court" and did not attempt to address all of the factors listed in section 4230.

holding that a factor was not acting in a fiduciary capacity for the purposes of denial of discharge.

May 1, 2009 ... Accordingly, mGluR2/3 receptor stimulation (Attwell et al., 1998a; Attwell et al. ... 2001b) and mGluR5 receptor blockade (Barton et al., 2003; Chapman et al., ... g/ kg; 8% w/v), and blood ethanol concentration (BEC) was stabilized by ..... concentrations of 600-800 nM in the brain (Schoepp et al., 2001), which ...

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Nov 28, 2012 ... Correction: Marrocco et al., Anxiety-Like Behavior of Prenatally Stressed Rats Is .... to remove any litter effects (Becker and Kowall, 1977; Chapman and Stern, 1979). ..... animals) were analyzed by Student's t test (PRS vs control rats). ..... with respect to other mGlu receptor subtypes (Schoepp et al., 1999).

Jul 16, 2004 ... C. Andrew Chapman .... 1999; see also Chapman et al. .... The pyramidal cell soma was held at −40 mV (holding potential (Vh), top traces). ..... in the modulation of GABA synaptic transmission (Cartmell & Schoepp, 2000).

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