In computer science, locality of reference, also known as the principle of locality, is the tendency of a processor to access the same set of memory locations ...


Characterizing Reference Locality in the WWW*. Virg lio Almeidayx. (virgilio@bu. edu). Azer Bestavrosy. (best@bu.edu). Mark Crovellay. (crovella@bu.edu).


tems, it's important to characterize the degree of local- ity present in typical Web reference streams. For Web accesses, temporal locality refers to the property ...


In this paper we propose models for both temporal and spatial locality of reference in streams of requests am'ving at Web servers. W e show that simple models ...


Characterizing and Exploiting Reference Locality in Data Stream. Applications. Feifei Li, Ching Chang, George Kollios, Azer Bestavros. Computer Science Dept.


Characterizing and Exploiting Reference Locality in Data Stream Applications. Abstract: In this paper, we investigate a new approach to process queries in data  ...


reference characterization was insufficient to this new task. Previous metrics used to assess temporal locality are tuned to the problem of studying individual ...


rate characterization of that aspect of temporal local- ity. Using this metric, we characterize the locality of reference in a number of representative proxy cache.


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