Charles Henry Turner (February 3, 1867 – February 14, 1923) was an American research .... Investigation of Insect Behavior". Annual Review of Entomology.


Charles Henry Turner, a zoologist and scholar, was the first person to discover that insects can hear and alter behavior based on previous experience.


Profile of Charles Henry Turner - pioneering African-American entomologist.


Feb 16, 2009 ... Charles Henry Turner was the first African American psychologist and ... Turner's research influenced contemporary ideas about entomology.


Charles Henry Turner , (born February 3, 1867, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.—died February 14, 1923, Chicago, Illinois), American behavioral scientist and early ...


Nov 11, 2017 ... A prolific scholar and passionate educator, Dr. Charles Henry Turner made significant contributions to the fields of zoology, entomology, and ...


Feb 8, 2018 ... In honor of black history month, we wanted to pay tribute to Charles Henry Turner (1867 –1923) who was a trailblazer in entomology.


Feb 13, 2012 ... In celebration of Black History Month, I will be sharing stories about the African- American experience in the fields of science, technology, ...


Henry Turner ( Figure 1 ) is a name unfamiliar to many entomologists. He did not train legions of graduate students nor were his interests honed by well-known ...