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Stunts are defined as building performances displaying a person's skill or dexterity. Stunting in cheerleading has been previously referred to as building ...

Dec 18, 2011 ... these are some stunts from last year! i would put this years up, but my coach would get mad =) enjoy! we are never doing these again, so no ...
Mar 30, 2009 ... No offense but if you guys are ever doing cheer, (a) don't be so flimsy in the air( flyer) and DO SOMETHING and (b) try cradling with stiffness, ...


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Nov 9, 2007 ... An awesome video of some incredible stunts performed by King and Katie. The stunt, a full-up to stretch, involves Katie (the flyer) balancing ...


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Learn the basic positions of cheerleading stunts and their roles.


The prep, also known as the half extension, is one of the main intermediate cheerleading stunts. This cheer video breaks down all the elements of the stunt, from ...


Learn the basic positions of cheerleading stunts and their roles.