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Sep 2, 2008 ... Cheer stunting is the acrobatic part of a cheerleading performance, including preps, cradles, flies, and extensions. Learn cheer stunting positions from a professional cheer team in this free cheerleading video series. Part 1 of 12 - How to Perform basic cheerleading stunts. Perform basic cheerleading stunts ...


Stunts. umbrella stunt. Stunting is what puts the trust within a team. In order to stunt and perform well, the team has to learn to trust one another. Within a stunt group there is a flyer, base, backspot, and sometimes a frontspot. The flyer is the person you see in the air, the base and backspot who hold the flyer. The bases are ...


Jan 29, 2018 ... Ariel O. gives a seemingly invisible box three firm pats before planting her foot in the air and taking one giant step into viral history.


Take the Quiz: Cheerleading Stunts. Cheerleading is my favorite sport of all time. How much do you know about stunts in cheerleading? Take my quiz to find out!


Two people are required for this drill, one base and one flyer. The shoulder sit is a basic stunt used for learning proper stunting technique. Fundamentals are as important in cheerleading as in any other sport and doing this drill correctly can solidify positive habits.


How to Do a Half Stand Cheerleading Stunt. If you are in Cheerleading for your first time and your squad is starting to do stunts here is some info to help you with a very easy stunt First you will need two bases, a flyer, a backstop, and...


Cheerleading Stunt Certification WIAA Handbook rule 20.3.1.E. mandates that " hands-on" stunt certification is required for cheer coaches who intend to have their cheer squad perform stunts. The certification program must be approved by the WIAA. Coaches must be recertified every three (3) years. READ MORE. Because ...


Nov 17, 2012 ... Of all the catastrophic injuries, about two-thirds of them come from cheerleading for high school and college girls,” said surgeon Dr. Sabrina Strickland. With a dancer on the Orlando Magic's stunt team recovering after a nasty fall this week, the dangers of cheerleading are getting the spotlight. NBC's Gabe ...


Stunts are an important and exciting part of cheerleading. Whether they are being used on the sidelines at a school game to wow the crowd, or in a competition.