James Robert Wooley, known as J. Robert Wooley (born December 7, 1953), is an attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who served as a Democrat as his state's insurance commissioner from 2003 to 2006. He was also the acting insurance commissioner from 2000 to 2003. ... "All [prior] cancellations will be voided," he added.


Dec 22, 2003 ... The Louisiana Department of Insurance announced that two ... of Commissioner of Insurance Robert Wooley and the department's fraud unit, ...


Feb 2, 2006 ... The last time a Louisiana insurance commissioner left office and did not ... Now, 34 years later, Robert Wooley is accomplishing that feat again, ...


Oct 1, 2005 ... Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as federal disaster zones. .... 19, 2005, a class-action lawsuit styled as Gladys Chehardy et al. v. Louisiana Insurance. Commissioner J. Robert Wooley et al. was filed on behalf of a number ...


J. Robert Wooley, Commissioner of Insurance for State of Louisiana in his capacity ... of Louisiana, Inc. VS Thomas Lucksinger, et al (2006CA1140 Consolidated ...


Jan 10, 2006 ... See Gladys Chehardy, et al. v. Louisiana Insurance Commissioner J. Robert Wooley, et al., 19th Judicial District Court, East Baton Rouge.


Priess, L.L.P. He thanks Michael J. Duffy and David E. Trainor of the firm for their .... Brandon Bailey et al, Half-Million Homes Destroyed by Katrina, Red Cross ... See Robert P. Hartwig, Ins. Info. ... against the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and numerous insurers to ... Class Action Petition, Chehardy v. Wooley, No.


Apr 1, 2007 ... storm, hit New Orleans, Louisiana and the surrounding Gulf Coast area .... (2006) (reviewing Michael K. Brown et al., Whitewashing Race: The ... the Death Penalty in America 150, 175 (Charles J. Ogletree, ...... Insurance Commissioner and numerous insurers to obtain a ... Mandamus at 3–6, Chehardy v.


Apr 12, 2009 ... 20, 1933 In New Orleans, La, Youngest Child Of The Late Robert 'Ralph' .... Grace V. Adkins Passed Away On Wednesday, April 29, 2009 After A Lengthy Illness. ... Hospital Radiology Department For Many Years, And As Consultant In .... Of Jackson, A Step-Daughter, Kay J. Robinson, Of Gulf Shores, Al, ...