Sports in Chile are performed at both amateur and professional levels, practiced both at home and abroad to develop and improve, or simply represent the ...


Apr 15, 2011 ... Passion for football, tennis glory and traditional rodeo: Chile's centuries-long sporting history has it all, and in the modern day is more alive than ...


Soccer is certainly the most popular, tennis could be said to produce the most delight among fans, while it is rodeo, the national sport since 1962, which.


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The most common sport in Chile is football and people play it for different reasons. Tennis is, however, the most successful sport in the country. In the rural  ...


Home > List > Rodeo > Chilean. Chilean Rodeo. Chilean rodeo is the national sport in Chile. This kind of rodeo is different from the rodeo in North America.


Ski down Chile's mountains and volcanoes, or go for its many water sports – including scuba diving, surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing – in the vast Pacific Ocean.


Complete travel guide of Activities, sports and interests in Chile. Skiing, fly fishing , trekking, camping, biking, nature, kayaking and much more.


Football and rodeo are the top two sports. Chile's national sport is rodeo, but the most popular is football.