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The chili pepper from Nahuatl chīlli Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈt͡ʃiːli] ( About this sound listen)) is the fruit of plants from ...


There are numerous types of chili peppers in the world. Here is a list of chili pepper types along with heat levels, descriptions and more.


Propagated by Butch Taylor of Zydeco Hot Sauce and grown by the Chilli Factory , the Trinidad Scorpion 'Butch T' variety pepper was formerly ranked as the ...


Jul 15, 2016 ... This is a type of pimento (or pimiento) pepper, which is what you often ... Red Pepper and Spicy Sausage Grilled Pizza to create chili oil that is ...


Nov 8, 2017 ... These fresh, hot chiles (a.k.a. hot peppers or chili peppers) are worth seeking out if you crave a real kick of heat.


Get information on a variety of chili pepper types, ranging from the mildest bell to the hottest of the superhots. | See more ideas about Pepper, Bell pepper and ...


Alternate Names: Green pepper, red pepper, sweet bell pepper, capsicum ... Ground cayenne pepper is a main ingredient in the chili powder that flavors ...


Types of Chili Peppers - There are many various types of chili peppers. Check out this page and learn all about the different types of chili peppers.


A list of chile pepper varieties with a bief description of each with heat levels.