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As a significant part of a worship service or performance, the gospel choir fulfills an especially important function. Membership in the choir provides an opportunity to publicly celebrate faith while utilizing your talent. Choirs operate as a team, with each part performing its role to support the others. Proper gospel choir ...

Nov 18, 2009 ... GlenOak High School's take on the dos and don'ts of choral concert performance.


Choir etiquette. We're all here to learn songs and sing them to the best of our ability in a fun, creative and friendly atmosphere. This implies a certain amount of gentle discipline and politeness. When you join a choir, you implicitly agree to: listen to the Music Director when he's addressing the choir and take his instructions ...


Sep 19, 2013 ... In order to prepare for our upcoming performance DETERMINING, UNDERSTANDING AND PRACTICING GOOD CONCERT ETIQUETTE.


Church choir etiquette is a beautiful way to join your voice with your choir in worshiping.


Choir Etiquette The minute you step into the door for rehearsal, forget about all of your problems, all of the things you didn't get to, and all of the deadlines you have coming up. Nothing else should matter when you are here, except for the music that is our praise to God. This awareness will change your life. Why are you ...


Choir Etiquette/Decorum Guidelines. As choir members, we are also worship leaders, in much the same way as the pastors are worship leaders. It is our responsibility not only to lead the congregation in praise and worship through our musical offerings, but equally important, to model appropriate worship behavior.


General Choir Etiquette. It is expected that a choir member conduct themselves as a model for others to follow. As part of the inspiration and motivation that choir members seek to bring to St. Louis' worship community all members of each choir are asked to: 1. Show reverence and respect for our God when entering the ...


Choir Etiquette Guidelines. Attendance. Singing in a choir is a commitment to the director and to the other members of the choir. The choir counts on you being there. If you miss three or more rehearsals per term, you might want to reconsider your commitment to the choir. The decision is up to you, in conjunction with the ...