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Christian theology is the theology of Christian belief and practice. Such study concentrates primarily upon the texts of the Old Testament and of the New ...


This influential textbook, now substantially updated and revised throughout, offers a comprehensive introduction to theology that is biblical, contemporary, ...


Combined, the word "theology" means "study of God." Christian theology is the study of what the Bible teaches and what Christians believe. Many believers treat  ...


The questions that young people have are often the same ones that perplexed the great theologians, driving them to search for God in the places God didn't ...


Oct 27, 2016 ... Most Christians agree theology is important, but can't articulate why. These reasons can help.


moving into a discussion of the major Christian beliefs. As would be the case with any religious tradition, the complexity of Christian theology and history.


Christian Theology - What is it? Christian theism affirms the belief in the existence of a supernatural God and His character communicated through the Bible.


Get answers to your questions and theology, the Bible and Christian faith. Grow in your understanding of Christianity today!


Basic Christian Doctrine is the study of the revealed word of God. It is Christian Theology regarding the nature truth, God, Jesus, salvation, damnation, the Trinity,  ...