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At one time in his life, to say the least, he was an elevated Pantheist, doubting the immortality of the soul as the Christian world understands that term. He believed that the soul lost its identity and was immortal as a force. Subsequent to this he rose to the belief of a God, and this is all the change he ever underwent.".


However, the followers of Buddhism usually avoid the term God, for it savors so much of Christianity, whose spirit is not always exactly in accord with the Buddhist interpretation of religious experience. Again, Buddhism is not pantheistic in the sense that it identifies the universe with God. On the other hand, the Buddhist God ...


Aug 23, 2017 ... Pantheism as a belief dates back thousands of years. It holds that God is everything, including nature and people. Learn why Christianity refutes it.


Jan 30, 2017 ... Take a look at what Pastor Jack Wellman shares to answer the question: “What is Pantheism?”


Most versions of Christianity are panentheistic. They believe in a God who is present and active in this world, a God who can dwell in each person if they accept the grace of the Holy Spirit. Yet he is also a God who transcends the world , who passes far beyond the material universe and far beyond our comprehension.

Sep 25, 2012 ... I generally consider myself a pantheist based on Spinoza's idea of 'God', but is it really useful to use the word God? People tend to have a theistic meaning to the word, and wrongfully assume pantheists believe the universe was created. Pantheism has more in common with atheism, than it does with with ...


The Greeks rose above it only at their peak, in the thought of Plato and Aristotle; their successors relapsed into the great Pantheistic system of the Stoics. Modern Europe escaped it only while she remained predominantly Christian; with Giordano Bruno and Spinoza it returned. With Hegel it became almost the agreed  ...


Answer: Christian pantheism is an attempt to connect the Bible with the false idea that everything that exists is, itself, actually God. This is the central idea of pantheism: that “God is everything, and everything is God.” However, the Bible clearly speaks of God as something separate from His creation. References to “ Christian ...


Mar 5, 2010 ... Eywa, an unseen female deity, holds it all together, responding to their prayers for protection against American mercenaries. What all this amounts to, grumbled New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, is Cameron's "long apologia for pantheism," which has been "Hollywood's religion of choice for a ...