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Spirobranchus giganteus, commonly known as Christmas tree worms, are tube- building polychaete worms belonging to the family Serpulidae.


You won't find Spirobranchus giganteus, also known as the Christmas tree worm, eating your fir tree this year. The common name for these worms is derived ...


Facts about the Christmas Tree Worm, colorful marine worm with beautiful, spiraling plumes that resemble a fir tree.


Dec 23, 2016 ... Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus giganteus) are a type of polychaete, a group of segmented worms that contains over 13,000 species.

Apr 10, 2014 ... Christmas Tree Worm retracting and emerging on a reef. File Reference: AWVct EX1 104 02834001 To license this clip please contact: ...


The Christmas Tree Worm, or Jewel Stone, was first described by scientists in 1766. Its crown comes in a variety of different colors, but is always paired. Usually  ...


Dec 16, 2014 ... Despite their diverse appearances, all Christmas tree worms belong to the same species, Spirobranchus giganteus. (Photo: Shutterstock).


Recently I have seen a number of questions on the reef bulletin boards about Christmas Tree Worms, members of the genus Spirobranchus, and decided to ...


Feb 14, 2016 ... The tops of Christmas tree worms look like brightly colored plants. But they are really boneless marine animals with eyes that can breathe and ...