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Oct 15, 2014 ... Sandoz, Inc., (Sandoz) and Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Mylan) submitted Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce and market generic versions of Copaxone, a drug used to treat Multiple Sclerosis. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., the ...


Apr 18, 2014 ... TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS USA, INC., ET AL. v. SANDOZ, INC., ET AL. ON APPLICATION TO RECALL AND STAY MANDATE. [April 18, 2014]. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS, Circuit Justice. The application to recall and stay the mandate of the. United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, see.


Apr 20, 2016 ... A Delaware federal judge on Wednesday upheld the validity of five patents licensed by Pfizer Inc. protecting its Toviaz overactive-bladder treatment, dealing a blow to Sandoz ... The case is Pfizer Inc. et al. v. Sandoz Inc. et al., case number 1:13-cv-01110, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.


Apr 3, 2017 ... Sandoz Inc. v. Amgen Inc. et al., Nos. 15-. 1039 and 15-1195, response and reply brief filed (U.S. Mar. 31, 2017). In a March 31 response and reply brief,. Sandoz portrays Amgen's earlier-filed court papers as not responsive to the central claim of Sandoz's petition: that the early dispute resolution provisions ...


Amgen Inc. et al. v. Sandoz Inc. et al, No. 3:16-cv-02581 (N.D. Cal.) (biosimilar litigation regarding NEULASTA®). Amgen Inc. et al. v. Apotex Inc. et al., Nos. 15- cv-61631, 15-cv-62081 (S.D. Fl.), No. 2016-1308 (Fed. Cir.) No. 16-332 (S. Ct.) ( biosimilar litigation regarding NEULASTA® and NEUPOGEN®). Amgen Inc. et al. v.


Mar 6, 2015 ... Cert. petition filed 12/1/14, waiver of respondent SnoWizard, Inc., et al. filed 12/30 /14, conference 2/20/15. Petition denied 2/23/15 .... This petition presents the same question as is presented in Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc. , No. 13-854, currently pending before this Court: Whether a district ...


Nov 9, 2017 ... Watson Laboratories Inc. and Sandoz Inc., hoping to market generic versions of Multaq®, filed abbreviated new drug applications with the Food and Drug Administration. ... See Bramah N. Singh et al., Dronedarone for Maintenance of Sinus Rhythm in Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter, 357 New Eng. J. Med.


14-265-RGA, D.I. 1) and Defendant Sandoz Inc. (C.A. No. 14-1434-RGA, D.I. 1). Sanofi's related infiingement actions against the various defendants were consolidated for all purposes with Sanofi et al. v. Glenrnark Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA, et al., C.A. No. 14-264-. RGA.1 (C.A. No. 14-265-RGA, D.I. 24 at 3; C.A. No.


O. John Benisek, et al., Appellants v. Linda H. Lamone, Administrator, Maryland State Board of Elections, et al., No. 17-333, 15, -, Distributed, United States District Court for the District of Maryland. Sandoz Inc. v. Amgen Inc., et al., No. 15- 1039, 14, Filed, Decided, Federal Circuit. Bank of America Corporation, et al. v. City of ...