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May 2, 2012 ... chain or life-cycle perspective, due to the majority of burden on water resources being indirect (Morrison et al., 2010). There are currently two main approaches enabling such a comprehensive assessment of products, namely Water Footprint (WF) and Life. Cycle Assessment (LCA). * Corresponding author.


Apr 23, 2009 ... Corresponding author phone: +41-44-633-75-71; fax: +41-44-633-10-61; e-mail: pfister@ifu.baug.ethz.ch. ACS AuthorChoice .... Francesca Verones , Dominik Saner , Stephan Pfister , Daniele Baisero , Carlo Rondinini , and Stefanie Hellweg .... The water "shoesize" vs. footprint of bioenergy. S. Pfister , S.


Aug 11, 2016 ... Studies have implicated a variety of bacterial species in the development and progression of periodontitis (Perez‐Chaparro et al., 2014). ..... the past have used multiplex PCR as a way to detect more than one pathogen in a sample (Eick & Pfister, 2002; Garcia et al., 1998; Squeri et al., 2006; Tran & Rudney ...


Publication details. Wiewiora, A, Trigunarsyah, B, Murphy, G & Coffey, V 2013, ' Organizational culture and willingness to share knowledge: a competing values perspective in Australian context', International Journal of Project Management, vol. 38, no. 8, pp. 1163-1174. Published version available from:.


Dec 21, 2013 ... nen & Hoekstra ( ), Pfister et al. ( ) and Siebert &. Döll ( ), where a global average CWU value for coffee is reported. However, these studies do not concentrate on coffee per se, but rather on global crop production as a whole ( which includes cereals, vegetables, fruits, roots and tubers, etc.) ...


V finns i Nicaragua om värden på vattenkvalitetsparameterar i restvatten från kaffeproduktion. En ytterligare betydande faktor för vattenfotavtrycket som påvisas i ..... et al., 2011). 2. Accounting of the water footprint. The water footprint contains three components which are the green, blue and grey water footprints. While the ...


Jun 14, 2009 ... Selected vulnerability of neurons in Huntington's disease (HD) suggests alterations in a cellular process particularly critical for neuronal function. Supporting this idea, pathogenic Htt (polyQ-Htt) inhibits fast axonal transport (FAT ) in various cellular and animal HD models (mouse and squid), but the ...


Dec 1, 2013 ... Although frequent cannabis users are at a much higher risk to become dependent (Coffey et al., 2003; Grant and Pickering, 1998; Noack et al., 2011), .... higher professional or university), employment situation (employed, unemployed or unable to work, student), and living arrangement (living alone vs.


PRECIPITATION VARIABILITY. (TEMPORAL DISTRIBUTION). 22. Coefficient of Variation (STD/mean) of monthly precipitation. CV. Source: Pfister et al. 2009 .... Impact assessment phase. Interpretation and solutions. Generic framework steps. WATER FOOTPRINT NETWORK. VS LCA. Source: Boulay, Vionnet et Hoekstra,  ...