Thirteen states of the United States have designated an official state dog breed. Maryland was ... In 2013, Colorado listed rescue dogs and cats as the state pet. California also recently named the "shelter pet" as its state animal, because of all  ...


There are 11 states with an official state dog (plus one that has a special distinction). ... 12. Colorado, California, Illinois, Tennessee & Georgia: Shelter Dogs.


Jul 27, 2017 ... Listing of all the official state dogs for the 50 states, in order by state. ... animal shelters and rescues, State pets of the state of Colorado · 2013.


Mar 19, 2018 ... Being that our state is so dog-friendly already, it would make sense if we had an official canine too. If Colorado were to adopt an official state ...


Official state dogs and state cats; pet symbols include shelter and rescue pets, ... BFF dog and cat. Colorado · Rescue Dogs & Cats · Golden Retriever puppy.


In Minnesota, legislation has been proposed on six different occasions to adopt the eastern timber wolf as the state animal. In 2013, Colorado listed rescue dogs  ...


Find your state dog breed, what is the state dog of, official state dog.


Apr 13, 2016 ... Collie for Colorado, just because it sounds good? And New York's state dog should change every year according to what breed wins ...


Virtual Canine Anatomy. Photo of dog. Virtual Canine Anatomy is an innovative anatomy program that has received outstanding accolades from members of the  ...