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a person commissioned to act officially; member of a commission.
a government official or representative in charge of a department or district: the police commissioner; the commissioner of a colony.
an official chosen by an athletic association to exercise broad administrative or judicial authority: the baseball commissioner.
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A commissioner is, in principle, a member of a commission or an individual who has been given a commission In practice, the title of commissioner has evolved to include a variety of senior officials, often sitting on a specific commission. In particular, commissioner frequently refers to senior police or government officials.


Police commissioner is a senior rank in many police forces. Contents. [hide]. 1 Rank insignia of police commissioner; 2 Duties and functions; 3 Police ...


Commissioner definition, a person commissioned to act officially; member of a commission. See more.


Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue. The Commissioner of the Revenue is one of Loudoun's five constitutional officers. Specifically established by the Constitution of Virginia, these local officers are elected by Loudoun citizens. As the chief tax assessing officer, the Commissioner's primary duty under the Code of ...


Define commissioner: a person with a commission: such as; a member of a commission — commissioner in a sentence.


Etymology[edit]. From Anglo-Norman commissionaire, from Medieval Latin commissionarius. See commission. Noun[edit]. commissioner (plural commissioners). A member of a commission. Someone commissioned to perform certain duties. An official in charge of a government department, especially a police force.


OUR VISION. Unit Service will enable units to better serve more youth by providing an adequate number of trained commissioners who provide a link to District Operating Committee and other resources in support of a quality unit program. OUR MISSION. The mission of Unit Service is to help units better serve more youth ...


Bio -- Daniel Mathews was sworn in as the GSA's PBS Commissioner on August 3, 2017.


Commissioner Bios. The USITC is headed by six Commissioners who are nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. No more than three Commissioners may be of any one political party. Currently three Democrats and three Republicans serve as Commissioners. The current Commissioners of the ...