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Dec 11, 2014 ... Although not as common today, millions of Americans still choose to drive manual transmission vehicles. Here are a few maintenance tips for your stick shift .


Jul 18, 2017 ... Match these common symptoms to your possible manual transmission issues for a faster diagnosis. ... The key to diagnosing your manual transmission problem is to gather detailed information about the particular problem. For example, does the problem appear in only one of the gears, only at a certain ...


These all suggest that there is a problem with the gears. Manual transmissions commonly indicate problems by making a grinding noise or feeling when you shift into a gear. If the grinding occurs after engaging the clutch and shifting, this can be sign that the clutch may need to be replaced or adjusted. That said, it can also ...


Dec 2, 2015 ... With a manual transmission, the most common red flag is grinding when you shift. If it happens after you engage the clutch and shift, it could also be a sign of a faulty clutch. Either way, you need to get it checked. With an automatic transmission, you're more likely to find it's hard to get into gear when you first ...


If you are used to driving a manual transmission, then you ought to know about these common manual transmission problems. Unless you have enough knowledge.


Nov 28, 2016 ... A vehicle's transmission is what transfers the power from the engine to the drive wheels. If the transmission and its components (including sensors and computers ) are not working, you won't be going anywhere.Vehicles have either automatic transmissions or manual transmissions. Manual transmissions ...


A bad clutch shaft pilot bearing will make a high pitched squeal when the clutch is disengaged and the transmission is in gear or within the first 2" of pedal travel. The bearing must be replaced. Noise from the clutch linkage is a clicking or snapping that can be heard or felt as the pedal is moved completely up or down.


For manual transmissions, there are certain signs that make the inevitable a bit more predictable in terms of identifying when a transmission will go bad. ... A vintage car with a manual transmission. ... Not nearly as common as a clutch failure, a lower gear failure can occur if the gears have been damaged or chipped badly.


Jul 18, 2014 ... Having issues with your manual transmission? Read our list of common problems that can occur with a manual transmission & prepare yourself for the repair!