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Puerto Rico (Spanish for "Rich Port"), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and briefly ...


Puerto Rico is often called a commonwealth, but that is actually just a word in the official title of the government of Puerto Rico. Kentucky is also a commonwealth ...


Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States. The chief of state is the President of the United States of America.


Jul 5, 2018 ... Puerto Rico is currently a commonwealth of the United States. The Office of Insular Affairs defines a commonwealth as “an organized United ...


Sep 30, 2017 ... Acquired by the United States from Spain in 1898, Puerto Rico has a peculiar status among Latin American and Caribbean countries. In the ...


Puerto Rico - The commonwealth: In addition to reforming the Puerto Rican economy, the PPD modified the island's political relationship with the United States.


One of the confusing things about Puerto Rico is the word “Commonwealth.” Like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Massachusetts, Puerto Rico has the ...


Sep 26, 2017 ... Hurricane Maria's destruction of Puerto Rico resurfaced a disturbing fact. ... of Americans don't realize Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth. usa.


Oct 13, 2017 ... In the next one he blamed Puerto Rico for its looming financial crisis and ... Puerto Rico, establishing it as a commonwealth of the United States.