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Compaq Video Problems
Video problems on Compaq computers can reduce the quality of your viewing experience. Many Compaq video problems can be solved at home with little technical experience. Common problems are outdated drivers and video cards not meeting minimum requirements... More »
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This document provides possible solutions to many common computer startup issues. Select the closest match from the following list of symptoms to find a solution to the problem. If you cannot find a symptom that matches the condition of your system, use the section Standard steps to resolve most startup problems.


Pressing the Sleep key on the keyboard or clicking the Sleep button from the Windows Vista start menu should cause the computer to enter a lower power state. In this state, the computer screen should go blank and the power light on the front of the computer should blink. This saves power while the computer is not in use.


The information you've provided is helpful, but still a little incomplete for helping diagnose your problem. It would be helpful if you could answer some questions. Does anything come up on your screen (such as either the motherboard's splash page, or the BIOS status information)?; If so, how far does it get?


HP now supports the Compaq laptop. You should perform a hard reset as the first troubleshooting activity. The hard reset corrects many problems found with most laptops. If the laptop still does not start or operate properly, you have various troubleshooting techniques you can use to correct or repair your laptop.


If the external monitor does not work, you are having issues with your video card, which is an integrated par... - Compaq ... My Compaq computer is switching on and powering up normally, but although the opening screen (the encrypted texts, the logo of Windows X.P) shows up, the screen is blank.


Hi all, I have a compaq windows 7 Presario CQ57. Today I was using it and I shut it down before I left. I came back and turned it on to find my caps lock blinking the power button on and my Internet button on orange? My screen is black. Can I have any advice please ASAP thanks. Sent from my iPod.

Sep 26, 2013 ... Compaq / HP Laptop does not turn on problem fix. How to Fix. Loading. ... This is due to a design flaw that will eventually destroy the computer anyway. You usually only see ... I do homeschool and all of my assignments were on my computer I nearly had a panic attack till I watched your video!. Read more.


Compaq laptops and PCs were popular range of computers, later acquired by HP with the back-to-back tech support assistance for multiple issues. Compaq computersused by many people across the world and if any technical problem arise, they can take help of customer assistance to troubleshoot the errors and help ...


I have a Compaq Presario desktop that won't start-up. When you push the ... I installed both items, and the computer still has the same problem. Please help!! ... In a situation as this, I might try to boot the computer with only the power supply, motherboard, CPU/HSF and the speaker. If you get no beep, one ...