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Comparing Fractions
When comparing fractions, the most important thing to do is to find a common denominator. Multiply denominators to find a common denominator with help from a math author and teacher in this free video on math lessons.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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Compare and order numbers. to help Sir Bricks-a-lot. Combined. Fractions & Decimals. wall up the dragon. Fractions, Mixed Numbers & Decimals. You can use ...


A set of activity sheets for children to practise comparing fractions with the same denominator.


This video shows a teacher comparing fractions by finding the common denominator of the two fractions. The teacher works the problem on a white board and ...


Apr 12, 2017 ... If you're looking for a fun 4th grade fraction unit and a few new ideas on how to teach comparing fractions, don't miss this blog post!


Dec 15, 2012 ... What's the best way to compare fractions so that you can line them up in ascending or descending order? Keep on reading to find out! By.


Course: Mathematics; Grade: Grade 5; Section: Fractions; Outcome: Compare fractions: using comparison symbols (<, =, >); Activity Type: Interactive Activity ...


Fraction Comparison (with graphics, but not shaded in) Same numerators · Same denominators. Fill in the missing number to make two equivalent fractions


In today's lesson, the students learn to compare fractions by using the benchmark fraction 1/2, then justify their answer with fraction strips. This aligns with 4.NF.


When comparing fractional numbers to whole number, convert the fraction to a decimal number by division and compare the numbers. It may be helpful to count  ...