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Compare fractions in this two-player math game. The objective of the games is to work together to determine who has created the largest fraction.


Learning how to size up fractions and determine which is bigger or smaller is a lot simpler when you introduce real world objects, changing the study of comparing fractions from abstract to tangible. For more comparing fractions help, check out games and activities that involve some of students' favorite objects, like candy or ...


In this lesson, students learn tactics for comparing fractions and fraction models. At the end of the lesson, they can use what they've learned to play Fraction Feud. To prepare for the lesson, make sure that each student has a copy of the Fraction Feud Activity Sheet. pdficon Fraction Feud Activity Sheet FractionFeud-Pic.


Printables, Activities, and Fraction Center Games. In the Fraction File Cabinet folder you'll find a wide variety of engaging activities to use when teaching fractions. Many of them use cooperative learning strategies and work well ... Comparing Fraction Assessments Pack. Penguin Fractions Hopping on Number Lines Activity.


Nov 7, 2017 ... These fraction games for kids make math fun, interactive, kinesthetic, and social. Try one out in ... This activity, designed for two students, is just like the traditional card game War, but with fractions! To prepare the ... both cards. This fraction game is great for comparing greater than, less than, and equal to.


Using benchmark fractions and drawing visual models are two strategies to compare fractions. Plan your 60 minutes lesson in Math or Fractions with helpful tips from Rose Monroe.


5 Activities for Teaching Fractions. Fractions For KidsLearning FractionsFractions Ks2Teaching DecimalsComparing DecimalsFractions Year 34th Grade Math Games4th Grade ActivitiesTeaching 5th Grade. This is a hands-on and visual way for students to learn fractions. It also can be used when they are learning about ...


You will download six free comparing fractions task cards for 2nd or 3rd grade and special education math students. Ideas for comparing fractions games and activities are included, such as a scavenger hunt or SCOOT. Use them in math centers or stations as a greater.


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