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"Composting relies on microorganisms naturally found in soil. These microorganisms break down organic matter and, in the process, generate heat. This heat kills harmful bacteria and weed seeds, but a compost pile has to be ""turned"" to maintain its heat."... More »
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Apr 14, 2009 ... http://www.howdini.com/howdini-video-7560688.html How to compost How to make compost How does your garden grow? A lot better if the ...


Oct 5, 2017 ... Learn how to make your own compost and get tips on how to use compost so you can enjoy the benefits of "black gold" in your garden!


With the help of earthworms and microorganisms, you can turn leaves, kitchen scraps, small branches, and other plant debris into rich compost -- the most ...


You can buy ready-made, organic compost to get a jump start. But it's easy and inexpensive to make your own with the right materials and good equipment.


Sep 3, 2016 ... A closed bin is a good choice if you're worried about the way your compost pile will look (or smell)! You can easily make a container, order one ...


DIY Network experts share the simple ingredients and processes that allow you to make great garden compost at home.


Choose from the many easy ways to make compost for increased garden productivity: low-cost homemade bins, piles sans bins, chicken power, pest-proof  ...


Feb 16, 2018 ... Here is a crash course in composting: what to compost, where to compost, how to maintain your compost pile, and how to harvest and use your ...


For anyone new to composting, or those who simply want to improve their existing compost heaps, we've prepared a round-up of top tips and great stuff that will ...