Brief History of the Progression of Computers Technology - Current and Emerging Electronic and PC Computer Technologies - The First Electronic Computer: ...


Mar 7, 2008 ... Home / Tech History / Tech history ... he beat the Colossus Mark II, a room-size WWII-era computer originally used by British code breakers to ...


Have students research computer history. Have each student choose an earlier stage of the computer and compare and contrast it with computers we use today.


1951 - Little technology used in schools, primarily TV; baby boom begins with resulting increases in class size; first-generation Univac computer delivered to the ...


Learn about three of the very earliest computers, and watch as developing technology shrank the computer down from 10,000 pounds to the size of your ...

Sep 28, 2017 ... ... of computing – more specifically, the evolution of the technologies that ... and progressing to discuss some of the first mechanical computers.


Jul 24, 2018 ... ... center dedicated to preserving the history of information technology and ... mission of building an infrastructure for computer history through:.


The department of Computer Science and Technology was founded in 1937 (as the Mathematical Laboratory, and later the Computer Laboratory) for work on ...


Public- and private-sector initiatives aim to boost the number of women in computer science and information technology.