Main article: History of computing hardware ... Motorola 6800, Motorola 6809, MOS Technology 6502, Zilog Z80.


Most digital computers built in this period were ... more reliable, given the technologies available at that time.


3 A Brief History of Computer Technology. A complete history of computing would include a multitude of diverse devices such as the ancient Chinese abacus, ...


Sep 6, 2017 ... The following brief history of computing is a timeline of how computers ... scientists and mathematicians to technology that is more accessible to ...


The replica is currently on display at the Computer History Museum. .... It was also one of the first computers to use all-diode logic, a technology more reliable ...


A BRIEF COMPUTER HISTORY. The computer as we know it today had its beginning with a 19th century English mathematics professor name Charles ...


This chapter is a brief summary of the history of Computers. .... like ENIAC. The computer revolution has been the fastest growing technology in man's history.


1960 IBM 1620 - See photos at The Computer History Museum. ... Examples of early integrated circuit technology: Intel 4004, Dec pdp 8, CRAY 1 (1976) - a ...


Computer - History of computing: A computer might be described with ... Based on Leibniz's technology, it was extremely popular and sold for 90 years.