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The Antikythera mechanism, dating from about the beginning of the first century BC, is generally considered to be the earliest known mechanical analog computer, and the earliest known geared mechanism. :279 Comparable geared devices did not emerge in Europe until the ...


Major to Career: Computer Information Technology.


Computer and Information Technology is a minor within the Department of Computer and Information Science. Undergraduate minor.


Dec 15, 2017 ... Many people confuse a Computer Science Degree with a Degree in Information Technology. Knowing the difference will help you better choose a career.


Vision Statement The Department of Computer and Information Technology will be nationally recognized as a benchmark institution for educating professionals, practitioners, and future leaders of existing and emerging information technologies, and advancing economic development through engagement and discovery ...


Get your degree in Computer Information Technology to learn networking and database skills, mobile technologies, the cloud, cyberforensics, systems analysis and design.


The Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) at Purdue provides educational opportunities that apply information technology (IT) to solve societal problems. Degree programs in information systems technology and network engineering technology focus on four core areas: software development, systems ...


Department of Technology Systems | Information and Computer Technology.


If you have an interest in computer hardware and software, read here to learn about information technology and computer science.