Max, also known as Max/MSP/Jitter, is a visual programming language for music and multimedia ... provided composers with a graphical interface for creating interactive computer music scores on the Macintosh. ... Also known as "Audio Max", it would prove a forerunner to Max's MSP audio extensions, adding the ability to ...


Make your own unique synths, or craft your own swirling webs of delay. Teach your audio samples new tricks by using algorithms of your design, automation, ...


Software & Guides. ... Logic Pro is our recommended music sequencer. ... Max/ MSP. Max is an object-oriented audio creation program, which allows you to ...


... License - Visual Programming Software for Music and Multimedia (Download) ... Interactive Music-Performance Software; For Recording, Performance, Installation ... and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing. ... Max 8 continues to offer the MSP sonic toolkit to program your own synths and ...


Max is a programming language and also a multimedia software. ... is an example of a combination of traditional musical instruments and computer. ... Max /MSP/Jitter for working with programming, interaction, audio, video and graphics.


Aug 3, 2013 ... Max is now used both for composing music with the computer or to develop new musical software and multimedia projects. It is not easy point ...


Networking computers is now more straightforward than it used to be, there's a ... Mac users could add PC-only software to their sonic arsenal by having a PC on .... for communication among computers, sound synthesisers and other multimedia ... Max/MSP real-time audio development environment (www. cycling74.com).


... performance, multimedia, theoretical and other types of musical projects by Eastman, ... to provide professional and innovative audio and computer resources in support of the ... The computer software runs on a 2014 Mac Pro, with many of the standard .... Real Time/Interactive Programming Environments: Max/MSP/Jitter.


The Virginia Center for Computer Music (VCCM) is our primary studio for computer ... lab for multichannel audio, digital signal processing, telematics, multimedia, and ... Max/MSP, etc, and features different interfaces and audio- visual software.