The demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: ..... of art even in the traditionally active demoscene countries, the scene has influenced areas such as computer games industry and new media art.


Amiga demos are demos created for the Commodore Amiga home computer. A " demo" is a demonstration of the multimedia capabilities of a computer There ...


May 14, 2019 ... This turned it into one of the best selling computers in history and its .... out to the Synchrony's founder, Nick Montfort, a media professor and ...


Feb 25, 2019 ... For now, visit Thomas Gruetzmacher's PC Demoscene FAQ instead. ... A demo is a non-interactive multimedia presentation made within the ...


Graffathon is a three-day computer graphics hackathon aimed at novices. ... a computer program that produces a non-interactive multimedia presentation, also known as a ... In addition, we teach you the basics of demoscene and democulture.


Mar 21, 2002 ... The demoscene is a society of computer enthusiasts, arising since the mid ... interest in computer graphics, music and related multimedia.


Jul 1, 1995 ... from PC Demos Explained, on the Web at trixter/html/demos.html](http://www.mcs . ... effects beyond the dreams of most multimedia designers.


Conspiracy is a small Hungarian group of multimedia artists, aimed to create ... The demoscene is a worldwide non-commercial computer art subculture that ...


Sep 12, 2010 ... So why do static, non-interactive demos matter, at a time when PCs can ... TAMega88 microcontroller chip containing 8kB of flash RAM to hold ...