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Max, also known as Max/MSP/Jitter, is a visual programming language for music and multimedia ... Also known as "Audio Max", it would prove a forerunner to Max's MSP audio extensions, adding the ability to do real-time ... and effects processors using only a general-purpose computer like the Macintosh PowerBook G3.


MSP: The ultimate sonic toolkitMake your own unique synths, or craft your own swirling webs of delay. Teach your audio samples new tricks by using algorithms  ...


... Audio · Computer Audio Software · Music Production Software · Cycling 74 Max 7 ... Max 7 from Cycling '74 is a fully programmable multimedia toolkit software suite ... MSP (Max Signal Processing) offers a palette of fully customizable music and ... In addition to audio features, Max 7 also includes Jitter, a complete video ...


Mar 31, 2014 ... Interface and design issues in audio and music software ... Demonstrations of audio and music programming in Max/MSP and ... for audio and music (and multimedia) programming: the Max environment by Cycling '74.


Max is a programming language and also a multimedia software. ... is an example of a combination of traditional musical instruments and computer. ... Max /MSP/Jitter for working with programming, interaction, audio, video and graphics.


Jul 14, 2008 ... By Computer Music 2008-07-14T09:08:00.195Z ... Cycling '74s Max/MSP software is highly regarded in the full-on, 0s-and-1s audio programming ... language for creating interactive audio and multimedia systems, or patches.


Electronic Music and Sound Design - Theory and Practice with Max/MSP ... and serves as a wonderful introduction to the programming concepts in that software. ... His electroacoustic and multimedia compositions have been performed at ... and released on CDs and DVDs issued by Computer Music Journal, ICMC, CNI,  ...


Aug 3, 2013 ... Max is now used both for composing music with the computer or to develop new musical software and multimedia projects. It is not easy point ...


Max/MSP/Jitter for Music: A Practical Guide to Developing Interactive Music ..... the tools to program an interactive, audio-visual, reactive, multimedia installation, ... realtime 3D rendering, physical computing outputs (like arduino), and a lot of ...