In the field of software development, the term build is similar to that of any other field. That is, the construction of something that has an observable and tangible result. Historically, build has often referred either to the process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer, ... This is only a small feature of managing the build process.


Build automation involves scripting or automating the process of compiling computer source code into binary code. Below is a list of notable tools associated  ...


Build automation is the process of automating the creation of a software build and the associated processes including: compiling computer source code into ...


One of the most important steps of a software build is the compilation process, where ... The process of building software is usually managed by a build tool.


Freshmeat offers an editorial on Build and Release Management. ... computer- aided software engineering (CASE): Computer-aided software engineering ...


A build in software development converts source files into a software product in its ... Build automation is a prerequisite to effective use of continuous integration. ... a release, then attempt to install or deploy to an off the shelf PC or environment  ...


Find the best Configuration Management Software using real-time, up-to-date ... Codenvy allows developers to: - Start a project in seconds, from any computer.


Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the activity that helps us control the evolution of a software project. This course is a comprehensive review of SCM ...


Software configuration management: a roadmap, Published by ACM 2000 Article .... Fourth Computer Software and Application System Development.