A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or ... While academics have perceived DSS as a tool to support decision making ... A properly designed DSS is an interactive software-based system intended to ... (including legacy and relational data sources, cubes, data warehouses, and ...


Keywords—Decision Support System, Data Warehouse, Data. Mining. I. DECISION ... kinds:virtual database relations based on the storage and ... kinds of decision tools:MDSS(Model DSS), DM, OLAP. The figure 2 can be ... International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering. Vol:4 ... Software Release. UML 1.3.


Guest Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga , ... Abstract- Data-driven decision support systems, such as data warehouses can serve the ... elements of decision support, which has increasingly become a focus of the database industry. ..... programs that are extensively used by business.


Simple file systems accessed by query and retrieval tools provide the most ... A Data Warehouse is a database designed to support decision making in organizations. ... On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) software is used for manipulating data from ... Cafasso, Rosemary, "Making OLAP Fit", PC Week, Ziff Davis Publishing ...


Decision Support Systems, DSS, information technology, technology change .... is, computer software packages that provide tools and capabilities that help a ... to create data warehouses, data analysis software, MOLAP databases and ...


In this paper, we will focus on two basic types of software solutions that can be used to ... Decision, decision support tools, data warehouse, OLAP, data mining, gathering ... From the common point of view most computer systems support decision ... systems, database systems, and geographic information systems (GIS ).


In the world of computing data warehouse is a system that is used for data ... to achieve organisational goals, data warehouse can support great support to help them to do this. ... As a lot of companies, depend on data insights to take future decisions, this .... A California based software company, ParAccel provides database ...


Data warehousing has become the decision support trend. ... Mattison (1996) explained the data warehouse as a database that: .... Therefore, modern computer‐aided software engineering (CASE) tools will be used to eliminate the problems.


Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, Efraim Turban and Jay E. Aronson, ... DBMS: Software program for entering (or adding) information into a database; updating, ... DSS and EIS computing done by end-users in online systems.