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An intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization's staff. Often, a wide range of .... Supports a distributed computing architecture: The intranet can also be linked to a company's management information system, ... Microsoft SharePoint is the dominant software used for creating collaboration areas on intranets.


A Web server is two things: hardware and software. The hardware you use for an intranet Web server depends on the intranet's size, the content to be published ...


Typically, an intranet includes connections through one or more gateway computers to the outside Internet. The main purpose of an intranet is to share company ...


Igloo enables organizations to solve critical business challenges & cultivate a strong corporate culture through our intranet software. ✓ Call us today!


Noodle's Intranet Software gives companies the ability to share ideas, and documents, and collaborate on projects in a single secure portal.


It is possible to create an intranet on a shoestring. You can use free intranet software or a hosted service (a type of cloud computing, costing from around £10 a ...


Combining Open Text Livelink Intranet software with the HP 9000 Domain ... not need computing on the client to be utilized, it is ideal for network computers."


Dec 1, 2016 ... Intranets, by contrast, are designed only for use by computers that are connected to a shared network. No computer that isn't on that network ...


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