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RISC OS, the computer operating system developed by Acorn Computers for their ARM-based Acorn Archimedes range, was originally released in 1987 as ...


Operating system · RISC OS · Type · Emulator · License · Proprietary commercial software. In computing, Aemulor is a emulator of the earlier 26-bit addressing- mode ARM microprocessors which runs on ARM processors under 32-bit addressing-mode versions of RISC OS. ... PC and A9home computers running RISC OS to make use of some software ...


26-bit systems are compatible with more old software, while modern ARM .... Communication with the outside world is via USB, RS232 serial, PS/2, audio in/ out and ... The first is the Iyonix PC, based around the XScale 80321 processor and ...


I use computers that run the RISC OS operating system – currently an ARMX6. ... sound that most PCs could generate was a beep, while RISC OS had built-in ...


Apr 17, 2013 ... This is a preliminary list of 'must have' software and utilities for RISC OS. ... (This is a full version of CDBurnLite, which is bundled with the IYONIX pc); Director ... ways to tweak and improve the desktop interface and usability of the system. ... FFmpeg (free) – Audio and video converter, also includes a player ...


Apr 29, 2018 ... 3.1 Is there a list of "must have" RISC OS software? ... 5.13 is the latest version for the IYONIX pc, and Adjust is also known as RISC OS 4.39.


Changing the computer's configuration. 45. Sound. Use this dialogue box to ...... compatible with computers that use the DOS operating systems (i.e. MS DOS,.


CDVDBurn - CD and DVD writing for your RISC OS machine ... popular for a wide variety of use - custom Data and Audio CDs were just the first step. ... Unfortunately, due to hardware, operating system and software issues, there are a number of ... RISC OS machines have been traditionally weak in the area of I/O power.


Sound sampling package which allows you to record the input in a digital ... same function as XGEdit on PC/Mac platforms, that enables Acorn computer owners to control XG devices. .... Provides volume control over the internal sound system.