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Consequences for Filing a False Police Report. Depending upon the jurisdiction, a false police report may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.


Filing a false police report can lead to multiple criminal consequences. Many states call this charge "false report to a peace officer." It is one of the few types of  ...


Sep 25, 2017 ... Being charged with filing a false police report is a very serious crime and could lead to other charges such as ... What are the Consequences?


FindLaw's article on the crime of filing a false police report, which can have civil as well as criminal implications, including the elements of the crime and common  ...


If a person gives false information to police officers, it may harm people or result in other unforeseen consequences. Filing a false police report can also result in ...


Filing a false police report is a separate offense that may be charged as a felony. Whether the police or state's attorney initiate charges is ...


I filed a police report stating I was assaulted and robbed. ... Filing a false police report is a crime, subject to incarceration and monetary fines.


Filing a false police report is a crime under federal and state laws. However, the elements necessary to prove this crime and the severity of it vary by jurisdiction.


The consequences of filing a false police report vary according to state and local laws. Police reports can either be filed at a police station or with an offi(...)