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State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. United States ex rel. Rigsby, 580 U.S. ___ ( 2016), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States clarified the consequences of violating the False Claims Act's requirement that cases be kept under seal. In a unanimous opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Court ...


Oct 3, 2017 ... The civil lawsuit was filed in the Western District of New York and is captioned United States ex rel. Western New York Foundation for Fair Contracting, Inc. v. Arsenal Contracting, LLC, et al., Case No. 11-CV-0821(S) (W.D.N.Y.). As part of today's resolution, the whistleblower will receive $450,000.


Jan 8, 2015 ... “providing internal operations at entry control points, internal roving patrols ... contracting officer representative (COR) was “responsible for ... United States ex rel. Badr v. Triple. Canopy, Inc., 950 F.Supp.2d 888 (E.D. Va. 2013). The court first dismissed Count I because the Government failed to plead that.


Oct 29, 2015 ... See U.S. ex rel. Osheroff v. Humana, Inc., 776 F.3d 805, 810 (11th Cir. 2015) (“ We conclude that the amended § 3730(e)(4) creates grounds for dismissal for ... security contractors.” Id. The article also mentioned by name the Relators' pending qui tam suit. Ultimately, the Government declined to intervene in.


Aug 24, 2016 ... [Cite as State ex rel. DeWine v. C&D Disposal Technologies, L.L.C., 2016-Ohio- 5573.] STATE OF OHIO, JEFFERSON COUNTY. IN THE COURT OF ... Defendant Crossridge, Inc. owns the land where the Landfill is located. ... percent of C&D Disposal, he has complete control over both companies. All EPA.


People Ex Rel. Hartigan v. E & E HAULING, INC. - 153 Ill. 2d 473, 180 Ill. Dec. 271, 607 N.E.2d 165. ... Coke Contracting, Inc.; Sam Alberto, individually and as president of Coke; Tom Alberto, individually and as former agent of Coke; T.C. Schreiner, individually, and as vice-president of Nu-Way Contracting Corporation ; ...


Dec 29, 2016 ... THE STATE EX REL. CORDELL, APPELLEE, v. PALLET COMPANIES, INC., ET AL.,. APPELLANTS. [Cite as State ex rel. Cordell v. Pallet Cos., Inc., 149 Ohio St. 3d 483,. 2016-Ohio-8446.] Workers' compensation—Temporary total disability— When an employee is terminated after a workplace injury for ...


Mar 22, 2006 ... THE STATE EX REL. DANSTAR BUILDERS, INC., APPELLANT, v. INDUSTRIAL. COMMISSION OF OHIO ET AL., APPELLEES. [Cite as State ex rel. Danstar Builders ... independent contractor and not a Danstar employee. .... the temporary -employment agency, that controls the construction site and, hence,.


In United States ex rel. DRC, Inc. v. Custer Battles, LLC (DRC IV),1 the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit considered whether a contractor was liable under the False Claims Act (―FCA‖) for submitting .... because the United States had relinquished control of the funds that were previously Vested Funds ...