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This calculator can be used to calculate the amount of sand, soil, gravel or ... How much does a cubic yard weigh? ... Sand 1.10 - 1.25 tons(2,200 - 2,500 lb.) ...


How much Sand, Gravel, Dirt or Mulch do I need? ... To calculate how many Cubic Yards of material is needed for your project ... A Ton is a measure of weight .


The tons figure only works for sand and rock products. Any products containing ... To convert Cubic Yards to Tons*: Cubic Yards x 1.4 = Tons. To convert Tons to ...


how many yards of sand are in a ton and how many yards of limestone does it ... but Online Conversion gives you a tool to convert this to pounds per cubic yard.


Topsoil, Dirt, Cubic Yard (CY). Bank-Run Sand, Fill Sand, ROB Sand, Cubic Yard (CY). Crushed Limestone, Drainage Stone, Bedding Stone, Ton. Roundstone ...


Sand = 2,700 LBS per Cubic Yard; Concrete = 150 LBS per Cubic Foot ... Sand – How many tons of sand are needed to fill in a 50 FT x 50 FT area 1 FT Thick?<.


MATERIALS CALCULATOR FOR FILL DIRT - SAND - LIMESTONE GRAVEL ETC ... A truckload is approximately 18 cubic yards or 20 tons ....and there are 27  ...


May 4, 2017 ... The weight of crushed stone in pounds per cubic yards and tons per ... also offers a materials calculator that will make this process much easier.


Use the following calculator to convert between cubic yards and ton registers. If you need to convert cubic yards to other units, please try our universal Capacity ...