Name, Phone, Email Address. Delois Cook, 256-761-6265, dbcook@talladega. edu. Barbara Lawler, 256-761-6250, blawler@talladega.edu. Johnnie Lindsey ...


post-doctoral study, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Cook, Delois Beck ( 1991). Assistant Professor of Communications B.A., Talladega College;


Mrs. Delois Cook. Assistant Professor, Department of Communications and Literatures Department: English Office Location & Phone Ext.: Seymour 207 -- 6265 ...


Office of Institutional Advancement Talladega College 627 Battle Street West Talladega, AL 35160. Phone:(256) 761-6235. Email: admissions@talladega.edu.


Talladega College is located in an historic district of the city of Talladega, Alabama. The campus is on a plateau about 700 feet above sea level in the heart of a ...