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L'amore di Cristo è un elemento centrale della fede e teologia cristiane. Si riferisce sia .... Somiglia all'amore del pastore per le sue pecore e al nutrimento che la Vite (cfr. ..... ISBN 0-8028-2317-3; ^ Le Confessioni di Sant'Agostino, 2002, cur. da Albert Cook Outler, pp. ... 352-360; P. Gerlitz, et al., "Liebe", TRE, XXI. pp.


Feb 19, 2015 ... Hypoxia increases ANG2 expression (Kelly et al., 2003; Oh et al., 1999; ... of NG2 + pericytes in advanced-stage tumors also decreased tumor growth (Cooke et al., 2012). .... This significant deregulation in transcript and protein levels in early vs. late pericyte depletion ..... [PubMed]; Hirschi KK, D'Amore PA.


Q. Xu, P. A. D'Amore, S. Y. Sokol, Development 125, ... D. Cook et al., EMBO J. 15 , 4526 (1996). 36. ... scribed by V. Hamburger, H. L. Hamilton, J. Morphol.


energy. This is known as oxidative phosphorylation (Pronk et al. 1996). ..... media , in which case the yeast preferentially uptake glucose (D'Amore et al. 1989).


to identify MSCs for these cells (Dominici et al. 2006). To define ..... et al. 1982;. D' amore & Smith 1993). ..... Cooke, V. G., Lebleu, V. S., Keskin, D., et al. 2012.


Tony D'Amore, Inge Russell and Graham G. Stewart. Research .... about twice the rate of fructose in both strains, al- .... v (nmol/mg dry weight cells/min)". 0.2 mM ...


LeBleu, V.S. et al. Identification of ... Cooke, V.G. et al. Pericyte depletion ... Hirschi, K.K. & D'Amore, P.A. Pericytes in the microvasculature. Cardiovasc. Res.


Oct 19, 2006 ... Kevin A D'Amour, Anne G Bang, Susan Eliazer, Olivia G Kelly, Alan D Agulnick, Nora G Smart, Mark A Moorman, Evert ...... McLean, A.B. et al.

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