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Mar 10, 2007 ... Another asks for advice on how to deal with a teenage stepdaughter who "can't even stand to hear my name being mentioned". Another ...


Oct 2, 2017 ... Coping with Ungrateful Stepchildren. Kids often take it for granted that their needs will be met. Young children, especially, are inclined to simply ...


Sep 19, 2005 ... The step-parent and stepchildren stare at each other across the no-man's land of their ... I developed a system for coping with dislike. Drawing ...


By Ron L. Deal and Laura Petherbridge ... It also nurtures the bruised hearts of stepchildren who have lost their family, contact with both parents, and a sense of  ...


The stepparent-stepchild relationship is weak due to little emotional connection and only a brief shared ... In order to help stepchildren deal with this struggle:.


Oct 30, 2015 ... For years, I thought I didn't like kids. It turns out I just didn't like badly-behaved kids. But then again, who does? The kids' parents, that's who!


Mar 27, 2013 ... "You knew it was a package deal. ... The stepchild became a teenager and the stepmother found that she was the first dog that got kicked.


Stereotypes aside, the stepparent-stepchild relationship is critical for the .... and it can take time to build as a child observes how you handle different situations.


It's usually not easy for members of a blended family to get along. Conflicts often arise over small insignificant issues as well as over critically important matters.