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v. City of Atlantic I2 332 v. Iron Molders' Union No. 125 et al 5: 712. Allison, Ex parte 4:657. Allison v. Hollenbeak 6: 584. Allison et al v. Bryan 7 443. Almeida v. ..... Bennett 4: 320 v. Busch 6:265 v. Iron Clad Mfg. Co. 4:663 v. Odneal 13: 711 v. Ware 7: 154. Bennett et al v. Thuet et al 5: 42. Bennettsville & C. Ry. v. Glens.


Aug 10, 2012 ... J. W. Duckworth, G. Batters, J. L. Belant, E. L. Bennett, J. Brunner, J. Burton, D. W. S. Challender, V. Cowling, N. Duplaix, J. D. Harris, S. .... et al., 2012). Global species loss during the present human-caused mass- extinction far exceeds background rates and is detrimental to hu- man existence. Across the ...


May 24, 2011 ... Plant extinction risks in the Cape, South Africa differ from those for vertebrates worldwide, with young and fast-evolving plant lineages marching towards extinction at the fastest rate, but independently of human effects.


Richard Cowling, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan, Port Elizazbeth, South Africa. John Gittleman, Institute of .... Andrew F. Bennett and James Q. Radford .... et al. 2007). Other, less easily monetized, ecosystem services were also supplied by the forest patches, but that example and the general complexity of bee dis- tributions ...


Förster, J., J. Barkmann, R. Fricke, S. Hotes, M. Kleyer, S. Kobbe, D. Kübler, C. Rumbaur, M. Siegmund-Schultze, R. Seppelt, J. Settele, J. H. Spangenberg, V. Tekken, ... However, the attempt to account for all social-ecological factors can make ES assessments a complex and resource-intense endeavor (e.g., Cowling et al.


The intention of scenario building is to consider a variety of possible futures rather than to focus on the accurate prediction of a single best outcome (Bennett et al. 2003, Peterson et al. 2003). Ultimately, the objective of the model building exercise is to improve the performance of local stakeholders in identifying interventions ...


Nelson, G. C., E. Bennett, A. A. Berhe, K. Cassman, R. DeFries, T. Dietz, A. Dobermann, A. Dobson, A. Janetos, M. ... in Carpenter et al. 2006 and Chapter 2 in Millennium. Ecosystem Assessment 2003). The underpinning assumption is that ecosystem change is brought ... causes a change in an ecosystem ( Carpenter et al.


Sep 23, 2016 ... Research-implementation spaces. A.H. Toomey et al. (e.g., evidence-based conservation, conservation evalua- tion, and science communication), very ..... itself (Bennett et al. 2016). Van Kerkhoff & Lebel's (2015) guest editorial in Ecology and Society presents case studies from across the world in which ...


relatedness may only influence the outcome of species interactions if competition is pair-wise or if one species is dominant (Thorpe et al. 2011; Bennett et al. 2013) due to .... absence data. We used best-subsets linear regression in SPSS (v.20.0, . IBM Corp. ...... Prochesß, Sß., Wilson, J.R.U. & Cowling, R.M. 2006. How much.